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Green beans a new myth thanks to Dr. Oz

Are green beans really a new source of weight loss?

Of course not.

Recently, Dr. Oz has come up with a few of the latest weight loss “miracles,” such as the raspberry ketone.

Now he has a new promising product: green coffee beans. 

For those of you who don’t know Dr. Oz, he was formerly a guest on Oprah. Now he’s built one of America’s biggest health pseudoscience television shows.  Not to say everything he says is to be taken with a grain of salt – Dr. Oz brings up good points now and then about eating healthy. But he’s also failed numerous times to demonstrate the sciences behind his show, which kills his credibility.

The interesting thing about the green bean is that viewers using the green bean lost excessive amounts of pounds within days.

One viewer lost two pounds in five days while another lost 6 pounds in 5 days.

 There is some suggestion but no evidence that coffee or caffeine consumption has an impact on weight.

The lead authors are not medical professionals and none have published resources before. In fact, one of them is just a chemist from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Let’s Use Canned Water Instead!

877 plastic bottles are wasted every second, according to a plastic bottle study in 2009. Human beings need to keep in mind that when nature strikes back, there will be no remorse.

The problem lies deep within the simplicities of recycling: a lot of the world doesn’t care to recycle. For example, Conestoga College Doon Campus carries stream bins for paper, trash and recyclable materials.

But here’s an image of what the students and faculty do with them:


By contaminating the bins, the cleaning staff must throw all bins straight into the garbage. Little to no recycling is getting done for the school with these stream bins.


Your TV Dinner Could Kill You?!


Thousands of microwavable dinners await your purchase at your local grocery store. Cheeseburgers, chicken strips, lasagne… you name it, a company has it ready for you to eat.

Just purchase the frozen meal, heat up its contents, and enjoy a hearty meal!

But how hearty is a meal that has plastics being cooked into it? Is there a cause for concern when cooking with plastic products?


When food comes into contact with materials like plastic, there is a chance of chemical transfer and contamination. But it’s unsure how much contamination is being transferred into each dinner you cook with plastic.

All we know is plasticizers, which are products put into plastic to make it flexible, are highly toxic and are cooked into our foods while the food is being heated.

The general rule is: the fattier the food, the more chemicals that can be absorbed.

These toxins have  the potential to damage children, who are still developing and are ingesting fake hormones.

So why on every microwavable dinner is there no instruction saying “cook on a non-plastic plate”? Or perhaps a warning that chemicals from the plastic are being transferred to the food?

Cell phones aren’t so safe anymore

Who has a phone? Now who has an application, AKA an app?

Excellent. Now when was the last time you checked the permissions your application was changing?

Did I lose you?

This is where a lot of harmful programs can steal your information.

The trend of the smartphone is a scary one: Google provides the Android Market that provides consumers with thousands of applications. But some of these applications are from third-party apps, which can be harmful – and the rate of the third-party apps is increasing.

Apps in November 2009 increased about 150,000 a year later.

Malicious apps have been proven to reach the Android Market. Worse yet, they can be advertised. And once the damage is done, there’s no taking it back.
The problem lies within the vulnerability of our technology and how much we use it. The more we use our smartphones for simple day-to-day tasks, the more data we are putting into the phone. Credit card numbers, passwords, bank accounts are all saved in notepad’s and stored on your phone – so what’s to stop a rogue app from taking all that information from you?

Nothing right now. My suggestion to you is READ WHAT YOU DOWNLOAD. Here are a few other tips:

  1. Always Google the application to see if there are users having problems, or if it’s rogue.
  2. NEVER download apps off the Android Market! People hosting apps on their website have the ability to modify contents of the package and make it so they can spy on you!
  3. Paid apps are usually safest.
  4. NEVER download an app off the Android Market that had no downloads or weird language. Always know what you’re downloading.


Fake pot kills University student



Lamar Jack died after trying to get high with a synthetic cannabinoid, or “herbal highs.”

Lab testing confirmed that he had JWH-018 in his body. Jack died after days in the hospital. A substance that was described as “herbal incense” was found in his car.

These “incense” products are labeled as such to pass through government regulations. Obviously if these were labeled “Stronger weed,” the government would be much quicker to react and catch the product.

Consumers using these products have no idea what chemicals are in the product they’re buying. There are no ingredients listed, and it is strictly labeled “not for human consumption,” to avoid legal issues. But people know what “Molly’s Plant Food” is really for. Synthetic drugs are disguised as other products to sneak through customs. And each time a drug is exposed and illegalized, chemists in China just change the analogue slightly (by adding an oxygen atom, for example) and then repackage and send out. By changing the chemical structurally, the government is unable to make it illegal until they discover it… if they ever will.

I think all this crap coming out now is ten times more dangerous than the illegal drugs we have come to know and enjoy for thousands of years. At least, we would learn to enjoy them – if they were legal.

Instead, we are now making highly poisonous, deadly alternatives that can be addicting and have NO human interaction research.

It’s like playing Russian Roulette with a gun, but this time it’s in pill or powder form.

Are antidepressants really the answer?

Antidepressants. Have you used them? Were they for you?

Society is constantly stressing what I like to call the “pill remedy.” Got a cold? Take a pill! Not feeling well? Take a pill!

The truth is antidepressants, while eliminating your depression, has lingering side effects and dangers. A lot of antidepressants increase in danger the older you get. What’s worse is the constantly increasing dosage needed for the antidepressant to work.

It’s extremely important to do more than just take a pill to get rid of depression, and a lot of people don’t realize this. Some depressions can even be fixed with therapy and self help strategies. Engaging yourself, regardless of your depression, helps take away from the pain you are feeling.

Wind Turbines – Energy of the Future? Or the way to misery?

Contrary to popular belief, increasing evidence is showing up proving wind turbines to have no adverse health effects.

But a new study has come to light, claiming that wind turbines can ruin a night’s sleep.

Upon studying the actual survey, it’s absolutely obvious that the questions were directed ONLY to adverse health affects caused by turbines, and provided little to no alternatives.

The whole thing seems a little set up. The questionnaire was supposed to measure the sound disturbances in the areas while the participants were sleeping – but they never got around to it.

So how can you prove a disturbance if you’re not measuring the amount of electromagnetic waves going through the air? How can you even claim adverse effects if there isn’t science to back it? It’s like asking a person how they slept for two different days – of course the one night will be better than the other.

A study from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health concluded: “there is insufficient evidence that noise from wind turbines is directly… causing health problems or disease.” Another study is available here.

But what about the animals being killed from turbines? Well here’s a chart to give you a better picture (thanks to howstuffworks.com):


Man-made structure/technology

Associated bird deaths per year (U.S.)

Feral and domestic cats

Hundreds of millions

Power lines

130 million — 174 million

Windows (residential and commercial)

100 million — 1 billion


70 million


60 million — 80 million

Lighted communication towers

40 million — 50 million

Wind turbines

10,000 — 40,000


As it turns out, wind turbines kill birds the least. Perhaps we should start focusing on some of these other main killers, such as dangerous power lines and communication towers.

Is Wifi hurting us?


Have you ever heard of technology getting too good to be true? Well, Wifi might be a nightmare.

31 lead scientists have concluded that: “evidence has accumulated suggesting that there are adverse health effects from occupational and public exposures to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, at current exposure levels….. Epidemiological and laboratory studies that show increased risks for cancers and other diseases from occupational exposures to EMF cannot be ignored.” Further, there is accumulating epidemiological evidence indicating an increased brain tumor risk from long term use of mobile phones.”

That’s right, parents. Your children are entering schools with Wifi. That Mari Kart Wii game your son is playing online? Yeah, that’s using Wifi.  

Other reports include parents claiming differences in their children’s health.

Symptoms of headaches, dizziness and nausea appear to be occurring when children are in school with Wifi turned on. When children go home, the sickness goes away.

Take the hint, people! I personally can feel certain electromagnetic waves going through my body, and once you realize you can feel it, you really start to realize that Wifi needs to be taken down.

In a few years there will be an epidemic caused by Wifi. This blog won’t go anywhere – let’s see if I’m right.

Buh da bah bah bahhh… are you loving it?


Most nutritionists recommend not eating fast food more than once a month. So put down that double cheeseburger.

Lots of people blame McDonalds for throwing our America culture into severe obesity. People claim that McDonald’s is making them fat! But isn’t it really up to the human being to decide what he or she wants to stuff their body with? In which case – you could get obese from eating KFC every morning, lunch and dinner – it’s all about self control.

The golden arches use a clever tactic to lure in customers: “Over 99 billion served” is a pull to the restaurant. Everyone wants to feel like they belong, and if you go to McDonalds, you are part of something. You are a part of the 99 billion that like McDonalds. It’s a very clever technique.

But it doesn’t end there. McDonalds spent $1.4 billion (6 per cent of sales) on promotion and advertising – particularly directed at children. If McDonalds was worried about our kids getting fat, they wouldn’t be spending so much on luring them in from a young age.

Children do not know better when their parents are buying them McDonalds all the time. They are ten times more likely to buy it on their own when they get older.

McDonalds doesn’t make you fat: eating their food does!

…They should also bring back the pizza. It was the bomb.